Meeting the Partner, Peentar

After sprint review, we decided that we need to meet up with our partner, Peentar, to validate our idea and show them our progress.


So, after midterm exam (UTS), we went to Rumah Peentar (Peentar office, located in Pesona Khayangan). Our first impression with the office is “is it an office…?”. It is because their office is literally a house in a residence complex. But after going inside and saw them working, we realize that it is indeed an office.

Peentar is a startup that provide tech products for people. It is indeed a startup, their office may not be so big and the employees may not be of hundreds, but they are really working efficiently. Startup aura is really felt there.

After arriving there, we are greeted by their Co-FounderWe talked for hours, validating our concept of our project, talking about what features to be added or removed, and talking about random stuffs regarding startup and technology. We learned many things about technology stack, ?dev-ops-ing?. We are also given an insight about how to do scrum in reality.

Overall, our experience visiting our partner is a happy and inspiring one. Learning about how startup and techies doing work in real life is indeed aspiring.


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